The Interior Designer’s Amusement Park!

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That’s how I would describe the High Point Market in High Point, North Carolina.

I, along with Jen, the designer on my team, attended the 2021 High Point Market last October. It’s like fashion week in NYC except in High Point! Wholesale vendors open their showrooms for designers and furniture buyers to come see the latest products for clients. There are literally thousands of showrooms, large and small, and lots of people and a lot of walking – my feet can attest to that!

It’s incredibly inspiring to see so many different styles and products on display. Much like the fashion industry, the furniture industry releases new styles, fabrics, frames, among other materials every spring and fall.

What It Is

The market is the largest home furnishings industry trade show in the world, with over 12 million square feet with over 2000 exhibitors throughout 180+ buildings. There are two major shows each year, one in April and another in October, running one week in the fall, and two weeks in the spring. There are around 70,000-80,000 attendees from over 100 countries.

To attend you must prove you are in the industry by applying and providing documentation. Because of this exclusivity, it’s truly a behind-the-scenes kind of experience. There are opportunities to meet with the product designers themselves and ask them questions to understand what inspired their new styles and materials.

Why High Point Market is the Highlight for Interior Designers

1. Source products for clients

When a client purchases my full-service package that means they get the best of the best. I am sourcing quality products that you can’t find at a retail store. This also means custom furnishings and accessories. I sit on the sofas and chairs, so I can tell my client if they are comfortable or not. I inspect tables to see exactly how they are made; pick up the accessories to feel their weight, and inspect the quality of all materials.

2.  Meet with my vendor reps

For each vendor I have an account, there is a representative for my area. I like to meet with them briefly and establish a connection. That way if I need assistance when sourcing products, they are there to help me. They can also educate me on the products; for example, how they are made and where.

3. Discover new vendors and products

High Point Market is a great opportunity to see what’s new in the showrooms, which is so exciting! It’s also an opportunity to discover new showrooms and find products that align with my design aesthetic and my clients’ needs and wants.


4. Meet other designers and network

Designers come from all over the country for market. It’s always fun to meet other designers, especially when you follow them on social media and then connect with them face-to-face here. There are also speakers and events, and the showrooms provide food, so that’s a bonus!

5. See the latest trends and get inspired

Sometimes you need a little something to get the creative juices flowing again, and I get so much inspiration at High Point Market. Here’s what I noticed a lot of at market:  lots of texture, mixed materials, and moody colors. And gold is still going strong!

Although any good interior designer does come with their own sense of style and balance, we have to take any and every opportunity to learn more. That’s what makes good design – a creative mind that learns from other creative minds to cultivate something truly unique. High Point was yet another way of learning more about this industry, to stay on top of the new trends and brands coming out all the time.

I’ve already incorporated several pieces I discovered at High Point into projects I’m currently working on. I’m taking what High Point showed me into my current and future projects, drawing inspiration from the out-of-the-box way of thinking of my industry’s top designers.

Just a disclaimer here: High Point is known for its glamorous luxury-style living designs. What they put out onto the floor is the best of the best, but they have so much more available on their websites. For my clients, I’m incorporating these luxury pieces into projects by mixing and matching pieces from different sources (some from High Point and some from other brands at more average price points). The point is High Point pieces are not all for show. These are handcrafted pieces designed and built with the attention to detail you’ll never find at your typical furniture store. These pieces are built to last you a lifetime, and possibly a lifetime beyond you. Family heirlooms, anyone?

Design and furniture are something I really love and it’s always fun to see the trends and styles that are coming out each year. I plan on going again this October; so, stay tuned for new and fresh ideas for your home or office.

As always, you can contact me at (248) 805-1980.






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