Design Process

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This may be the most common question I receive. “How do you work?” “What is the process?”

Interior design, like many creative fields, doesn’t have a clear-cut process that works for all clients. Just as each client’s needs are different, so are the roles of the designer in the project itself.

I tailor my designs around my client’s project requirements, but there are some basic design processes that are standard across the board.

Initial Consultation

During the initial 2-hour consultation, we take the time to learn about how you want the space to function, your personal style, lifestyle and expectations. We gather information by taking measurements and photographs of the space, which helps us understand the project scope and budget so that we can discuss next steps. The fee for this initial meeting is $300.

A formal proposal is then prepared, detailing the scope of work, deliverables to expect, and estimated design hours for each phase of the project. Upon approval of the proposal, design fees are charged in blocks of 10 hours at $150 / hour, decreasing to 5 hours nearing project completion.

For projects that are determined to be consulting-only, the rate is $175 / hour with a two-hour minimum.

This is the beginning of an exciting collaborative partnership with you to create a home unique to you!

Conceptual Design

In this phase, a design concept is developed based on the information gathered at the initial consultation. Initial space and furniture plans, color palettes, materials, finishes and furniture pieces are selected. These preliminary plans are presented to you in an interactive digital format. If needed, we order physical samples for your review to help ensure we are checking all the boxes established at our initial meeting. Client collaboration will continue throughout this process, requiring your approval to move onto the next phase.

Design Implementation

During Phase Three, documents for all approved selections are prepared, and once payment is collected, orders are placed. HID handles the tracking and receiving of items, and coordinates deliveries. We work closely with any contractors hired by the client during the construction process. Accessory procurement begins so that we can add the final touches to the room to truly make it your own!


Once the construction is complete and all final payments are collected, the furniture installation is scheduled. This is a very exciting time as all pieces are placed and the rooms are stylized with accessories to bring the initial vision to life. We will do a walk-through of the space with you to address any loose ends. Once we are done, you will be enveloped in a new space that allows you to feel at home!